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“Frozen” Video Wins Telly

Telly Award

Winners of 36th Annual Telly Awards announced

New York City, NY – The Telly Awards has named DudeDay Films as a Silver Winner, the highest achievement in the category of Online Video – Comedy. Ryan O’Quinn, Todd Wilkerson & Matthew Reithmayr won for the viral comedy video “Dads Respond to Disney’s Frozen”.

With over 13,000 entries from all 50 states and numerous countries, the Telly Awards is the premier award honoring outstanding cable TV commercials and programs, video and film productions, web commercials, online videos and films. Past winners of the award include BET Networks, Bloomberg, Disney, Edelman, E! Entertainment ESPN, FOX, Showtime Networks, Coca-Cola, The Weather Channel, Trailer Park and Warner Brothers.

The “Dad Dudes” production team and Dude Day Films are at it again with a hilarious new video about phrases never heard on Facebook.

Two dads are forced to survive using only their wits in one of the most hostile environments known to men…the Princess Party.




DadDudes named in Top Parents Who Made us Laugh in 2014

Congrats to Ryan, Todd and Matt for making the Buzzfeed year-end list. The popular web site counted down the funniest parents of the year and the guys are # 15 on the list!

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 10.04.02 AM

Ryan’s book reaches #1

DPRules Amazon shotad Dude Ryan O’Quinn‘s new comedy book on parenting is out. In its debut week, Parenting Rules! The Hilarious Handbook for Surviving Parenthood reached the Amazon bestseller list and this week following his appearances on Fox News and other media, the book reached #1 in a variety of categories including:


  • #1 Parenting Book
  • #1 Parenting Book Humor
  • #1 Parenting & Family Humor
  • #1 Relationships
  • #1 Amazon “Movers and Shakers”
  • #1 Christian Families
  • #1 Christian Living
  • #3 overall Humor Bestseller

“Dad Dudes” Comedy Series Begins Production. TV Legend Jerry Mathers Joins Ensemble Cast

dsc_4449Following the success of one of the year’s biggest viral video hits, “Dads Respond to Disney’s ‘Frozen'”, the creative team behind the video will be reunited for the production of a single camera comedy that follows three dads as they navigate the nuances of being “dads first and dudes second”. Ryan O’Quinn, Todd Wilkerson and Bradley Dorsey will star. Matthew Reithmayr will direct.

Press Release HERE

How to Choose Where to Eat with Small Kids

Restaurant outings when you have no children is a nice, casual affair and something to look forward to. It is usually a delightful event that entails a bit of pre-planning and some general discussion with your significant other about where you will go, what you will choose to eat when you get there and when you should leave the house.

With children ALL of these things go out the window and the outing is much more akin to a strategic military operation. Here are some considerations to ask before taking kids out to a restaurant: Continue reading

What a parent of small kids does in one day (in photos)

One Day of Parenting…

Hey parents of small children, ever feel like you’ve worked hard all day, you’re totally exhausted, but you haven’t accomplished anything? Yeah, what you’re feeling is called parenthood. My brilliant wife Heather O’Quinn took it upon herself to candidly photojournal what she actually did in one day this week.  So pat yourself on the back and STOP beating yourself up. Parents, this is what you accomplish in One Day!

One day of diapers…

One day of boo boo kissing…

Continue reading

I don’t get soccer

I don’t get soccer. Am I not a dude or just American?!

I just don’t understand. There I said it. I pride myself on being a sports guy. I can name all NFL teams, love to watch college football, am a NBA and MLB guy (during the playoffs) but for the life of me I can’t get into “the other football”.

Now that the U.S. is eliminated from World Cup I feel like I can come clean. Let my emotions flow freely. Rip my kit off and hand it to another dude. Too soon? Not manly? Okay.

See the fact that I say “kit” and not jersey means I know a little more about soccer football than I did last week!

I was even in South Korea during the World Cup a few years ago. Sure it was awesome. The crowd was electric, the celebrations were epic and I even watched a live game. But alas, I finally had to own the fact that I just don’t understand the rules.

Before I commit to playing a sport or even liking one I need to know all the rules. My wife said, “It’s a simple game. You kick a ball at the other goal and the one with the most points, wins.” No. It’s not that simple. There are red cards, yellow cards, penalty kicks. All kinds of junk I’ve never taken the time to understand.

WCUP WORLD CUP SOCCER ITALY FRANCE FINALProbably in the same way that some people think baseball is boring, I feel like there is just not enough action.

Don’t get me wrong, any athlete that can run for 90+ minutes straight gets a tip of the hat from me, but I think I need more scoring. I like it when the ball gets close to the goal. (Did I just say that sentence?) And the last minutes of regulation SEEM to be exciting, but I still can’t figure it out.

Maybe that’s it. Maybe I just solved my own riddle. I don’t know the rules. So, if you’re like me, and need a little, er, a lot of help in that department, HERE YOU GO.


If you do better with just a cheat sheet check THIS out or THIS for an easy video.

Well, I promise to brush up, learn the rules and even kick a ball once or twice in the next four years. See you in 2018.

Disneyland – Perception vs Reality [Meme]

Real Disney meme

Summertime is here This meme says it all! You know you’ve been there. It is SO exciting to pile everyone in the car. Simply magical as you to pull up to the park. Things start to go a little south as you get out of the car, get out strollers and lather on the sunscreen. You have a few whiners on the way out of the parking structure and by the time you get to the STUPID SHUTTLE they are driving you insane!!!

I know, I know. They are only this small once. Believe me, I get it. In fact, our family’s Annual Passport is up for renewal and I didn’t think twice about doling out a chunk of the bank account to give to the Mouse House. All I’m saying is they need to rethink that marketing-speak “Happiest Place on Earth” thing!

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