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Dad Brought the Fertilizer!

Mom gets all the credit for bringing my daughters into this world. Mom went through that whole long drawn-out pregnancy thing. Mom went through all the pain and the drama of childbirth and everyone exalts her for this. Mom, from the beginning, gets to tell these little ones, “You were in mommy’s tummy. That’s where you came from. Isn’t that special.” While dad…well, dad was just – there. Dad was an innocent bystander watching while an apparent alien overtook mom’s body and emotions. Dad drove the car to the hospital when it was time and made sure the camera and the phone were charged. Dad got a bucket of ice like he saw on some TV show because he thought mom would need her lips iced or something. Continue reading

What a parent of small kids does in one day (in photos)

One Day of Parenting…

Hey parents of small children, ever feel like you’ve worked hard all day, you’re totally exhausted, but you haven’t accomplished anything? Yeah, what you’re feeling is called parenthood. My brilliant wife Heather O’Quinn took it upon herself to candidly photojournal what she actually did in one day this week.  So pat yourself on the back and STOP beating yourself up. Parents, this is what you accomplish in One Day!

One day of diapers…

One day of boo boo kissing…

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