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Two dads are forced to survive using only their wits in one of the most hostile environments known to men…the Princess Party.




DadDudes named in Top Parents Who Made us Laugh in 2014

Congrats to Ryan, Todd and Matt for making the Buzzfeed year-end list. The popular web site counted down the funniest parents of the year and the guys are # 15 on the list!

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Dads Respond to Disney’s “Frozen”

We hope you enjoy our music video of two dads’ response to Disney’s “Frozen”.

If you are like us, you inadvertently sing these…ahem… awesome songs in line at the store, at the bank and unfortunately around the water cooler. You can’t help it. They get in your head and it drives you insane!  We feel your pain. Watch it all the way through though because these dads have a change of heart at about 2:56.

The writers of “Frozen” love this homage and reposted it on social media. It has won several “Best of…” awards. Spread the word!

Starring Ryan O’Quinn and Todd Wilkerson and directed by Matt Reithmayr.

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