Dads Respond to Disney’s “Frozen”

We hope you enjoy our music video of two dads’ response to Disney’s “Frozen”.

If you are like us, you inadvertently sing these…ahem… awesome songs in line at the store, at the bank and unfortunately around the water cooler. You can’t help it. They get in your head and it drives you insane!  We feel your pain. Watch it all the way through though because these dads have a change of heart at about 2:56.

The writers of “Frozen” love this homage and reposted it on social media. It has won several “Best of…” awards. Spread the word!

Starring Ryan O’Quinn and Todd Wilkerson and directed by Matt Reithmayr.


  1. I love this video. Nice lyrics also!

    Can you share with us the equipment you used to film this? Like which camera and stuff? The quality and image of this video was super!


  2. LOVE THIS! I’ve never seen the film, and have no kids, but over 20 nieces & nephews who are addicted to this movie/songs!!! I feel this way only hearing it often, can’t imagine the torture of daily repeats.


      June 28, 2014 at 10:45 am

      Thanks D.A.! I gotta warn you, once you see it, it stays in your head! Stay tuned for more vids and check out our upcoming blog content.

  3. Genius!! You guys are too funny! Nice job!!

  4. hilarious! Best one yet.

  5. I’m a mom in the minivan who sings along with my girls on every………….one……….of…………..these……..#@&&*! Disney songs………lol……..they really do get stuck in your head …..this video made me laugh a LOT harder than it probably should have!

  6. Ryan, it was great to see you in this video. I knew your parents in Buchanan County, VA. They were so proud of you. Just wanted to say it was such a surprise when I saw the video on the Today Show. I kept saying I know him. You daddudes did a wonderful thing so many can relate. Keep them coming, I’m a fan!!!

    • Judy, that is so sweet of you. We will definitely keep them coming. Subscribe to our blog and our YouTube page and you will be among the first to know. Thanks again!

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  9. I love this I love when dads engage with their children they need you more than you realize. Thank you guys are great.

    • Thanks Donna. Very kind of you. When the kids came along, everything changed. Thanks for the comment!

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