There are new, amazing products that pop up on Kickstarter every day. The only problem is, most of these products are looking for money so they can begin production, which means that they won’t be available until some time in 2021. Some of the products are worth waiting for but – in the words of Veruca Salt – “I want it NOW!!!”

There are three that I am currently lusting after:

1. The Coolest

The CoolestThis is the unholy offspring of an Igloo cooler and a Swiss army knife.  A cooler keeps your food cold. A COOLEST keeps your food cold and has Bluetooth speakers and has an LED-lit interior and can charge your phone AND has a blender!

Price:  $185
Funds: Late August
Ships: February 2015

2. The Anova Sous Vide Cooker

Anova Sous Vide CookerHow many times have you eaten a steak at a fancy restaurant and said, “How do they get this to be so tender?” THIS is how.

This little device cooks your meat, veggies, eggs – whatever you feel like eating – in a water bath. Your dinner is cooked to perfection…every…single…time.

My wife has purchased this for me for Fathers’ Day. I’ll be standing by the door for the entire month of October.

Price:  It will retail in stores for $169
Funds: Funded
Ships: October

3. The SYNEK Home Beer Tap

SYNEK Beer TapWant your favorite beer, cold and fresh from the tap? With this table-top tap, you can enjoy a perfect pint of any beer you can find. It’s the Kuerig of beers.

Any beer that you can find, on tap, in your house! Or garage! Or office!

Not only is the device amazing, but the video is hilarious.

Price:  $299
Funds: About a week
Ships: April 2015