Ask people if they know who Charles Green is, and most people will tell you that they don’t know.

Ask people about the tantrum-throwing, PS4-breaking, YouTube star called Angry Grandpa and you might just see a smile on those same people’s faces. Angry Grandpa’s wild reactions to the pranks pulled by his son, Michael, have gained him worldwide notoriety.

“For the past few months, Bridgette and I have been planning a huge prank on Angry Grandpa and today’s the day we’re going to pull it off,” Michael says at the beginning of this video.

The prank in question is that they’ve been dragging Charles from house to house, looking for what he believes to be a new home for Michael – when he is in, fact helping to pick out the home that Michael plans to buy for him.

Grandpa’s reaction is far from angry this time.

“Every kid wants to buy their father a house,” says Michael.

Well played, sir. Well played.